Watch: Aunt and niece – two generations of Aliyah

Arutz Sheva met at the Ben Gurion airport with Elisheva Rosenwasser, a new olah (immigrant) who came to Israel on a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight.

Rosenwasser was greeted upon arrival in Israel by her aunt, who made Aliyah years ago. The two spoke about Aliyah to Israel, then and now.

Asked how she arrived at the decision to make Aliyah, Rosenwasser replied, “I just let my passion guide me.”

Rosenwasser’s aunt Tzipi Levy, who made Aliyah from Morocco at the age of 2, said, “When I came to Israel we escaped from Morocco and it was do difficult because they attacked us, and took our money. We escaped by boat and it was difficult to leave because we were Jewish and they didn’t want Jews to go to Israel.”


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