Watch: Bennett leads nighttime march through Jerusalem

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home party, on Thursday night initiated and led a nighttime hike for students through Jerusalem, in celebration of Jerusalem Day.

The hike “follows the steps of the fighters who united Jerusalem in 1967. I’m going to lead the tour and I’m very excited,” Bennett told Arutz Sheva before the start of the tour, which began at Ammunition Hill and will conclude early Friday morning at the Western Wall (Kotel).

Aside from the general public who participated in the march, about 2,000 students took part as well.

Before the march, Minister Bennett said, "Education is also about using your legs, not only about sitting in the classroom. We announced this year that we would be holding ‘Jerusalem Week’ and ‘Jerusalem Year’ in the education system, because only those who remember the past also have a future. Our goal is to connect Israeli students with the love of the city. Jerusalem is not only a place, Jerusalem is our destiny, a city of three religions which symbolizes our hope for true peace and justice.”

“Jerusalem Day,” Bennett told Arutz Sheva, “symbolizes the unity of Jerusalem, the eternity of Jerusalem which has been our capital for over 3,000 years.”



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