Watch: Celebrating ‘Bar Mitzvah Time,’ rap style

African-American Jewish rap star Nissim Black, who made Aliyah to Israel late last month, has teamed up with maverick hassidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer in an upbeat new song "Bar Mitzvah Time."

In making the new song and music video, the two joined forces for The Bar Mitzvah Fund, an organization raising money for less fortunate families to allow them to hold Bar Mitzvahs for their sons.

The fund was thought up by a 15-year-old resident of Fives Towns, Avi Faivish, who noticed that some of his friends had lavish Bar Mitzvahs while others had far less fanfare.

Following his own Bar Mitzvah, Faivish donated from the money he received in gifts for the first Bar Mitzvah Fund project. The initiative caught fire, and since being launched two years ago it has funded over 100 Bar Mitzvahs.


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