Watch: Civil Administration Demolishes Home in Eli Overnight

The IDF Civil Administration demolished a home in the Yovel neighborhood of Eli in Samaria overnight Monday/Tuesday, following a ten year-old petition from extreme leftist group Peace Now claiming it was built on land belonging to a Palestinian Arab.

"At the end of a long struggle we are hurting tonight at the destruction of the home in Yovel," a community spokesperson stated. "With a little more creativity on the part of the Supreme Court it would have been possible to prevent this destruction, from which no one benefits." 

"We hurt today and tomorrow we'll move on," the spokesperson continued. "The Yovel neighborhood of Eli will continue to be built, to evolve – also thanks to Peace Now, who helped greatly with the legalization and development process." 

"We have fought until now in every legitimate way – we have no interest in a struggle, not against the soldiers who carried out the eviction process – they are not responsible for this demolition!" the spokesperson added. 


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