Watch: ‘High Fives’ from Shimon Peres

Former President Shimon Peres is the head of the class this week, after appearing in a special series of videos promoting math and science for the Ministry of Education. 

The clips for the campaign, Give Five, encourage parents to allow their children to take 5 units of mathematics for the Bagrut matriculation exams in order to carve out hi-tech careers. 

One clip shows Peres as a student who submits his answer to a Trigonometry question via paper airplane. "Maybe something good will come out of you yet," the teacher says. 

In another, Peres is seen giving "high fives" to high school students for taking the advanced courses. 

The campaign is part of a joint initiative between Peres and the Education Ministry, currently headed by Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett. 

The goal of the program is to double the number of students learning five-point mathematics, the highest level for high school matriculation exams in Israel, to 18,000 within four years. 


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