Watch: IDF Raid Nets Brutal Arab Killers of 70-Year-Old Farmer


The IDF has released forces of a special forces team swooping on the home of one of the two Palestinian Arab murderers of 70-year-old David Bar-Kapara, who was brutally beaten to death last month.

Soldiers from the Duvdevan counterterrorism unit arrested the two suspects – Mujahid Ali Mahmoud Dar Assi and Alla'a Harbi Abed Al-Fatah Assi – in their village of Beit Likia three weeks ago, just two days after the murder which took place in the elderly Jewish farmer's field in central Israel.

Both suspects admitted under interrogation to having carried out the murder, and claimed it was the result of a botched robbery. The victim's family, however, claim the evidence – including the murderers' past history of terrorist violence – points to nationalistic, or terrorist motives.

Efraim Brigade Commander Col. Guy Berger, praised the troops' rapid success in tracking down and arresting the murderers.

"At the completion of the complex operation led by the Duvdevan unit, directed by precise intelligence from the Shabak (Israel Security Agency), we succeeded to close the circle and bring about the quick arrest of the two suspects. 

"We will continue to act against any attacks on the citizens of Israel."


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