Watch: Israeli basketball legend takes on BDS

Israeli basketball legend Tal Brody, a Goodwill Ambassador of Israel, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Monday about the fight against the BDS movement which seeks to economically harm the Jewish state.

"We're the underdogs," emphasized Brody, speaking at the sidelines of a Yedioth Aharonoth conference on the struggle against BDS. "We don't have as many Jews and as many Christians who are for us in this world, but there are."

He noted the importance of fighting BDS on university campuses, because that's where "it's the most radical" and visible. At the same time, he pointed out that he sees student organizations opposing BDS on campuses, in addition to the actions of state legislatures.

As for whether enough is being done to defeat the boycott movement, he said, "there's never enough, but I think it's much more than was before."

Brody emphasized that it isn't just "the government's fight, it's the people's fight."


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