Watch: Livni in Angry Confrontation with Bennett

Labor-Hatnua's Tzipi Livni approached Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett angrily Sunday at an event where both of them were invited to speak, waving her finger in his face and calling him a liar.

Bennett arrived at the event, which was held for Israel Scouts youth movement volunteers, right after Livni's interview ended. When she saw him entering the hall, she said, "someone just entered, with whom there is no chance of sharing the path."

Not the type to give up a good fight, Bennett addressed Livni when she was still in the hall, and said: “I heard that Tzipi Livni said last week that today, she opposes leaving the Golan, when she supported leaving the Golan in the past. So in that sense she has joined our path, and we actually can be partners to the path,” he said. “I just hope that ten years from now, when you sober up on the matter of leaving Judea and Samaria, you will apologize for that, too. I will accept that apology, too.”

Livni was nonplussed. She went back on stage and stepped up very close to Bennett, waving her finger menacingly. “I have no problem fighting over ideology,” she said. “I have a problem with liars in politics. You never heard me state a position favoring leaving the Golan.”

"You negotiated over the Golan and supported the Disengagement,” Bennett replied as she stormed off. “I will remind you that Tzipi Livni was one of the leaders of the Disengagement from Gaza, and I think that now, anyone who is not blind – after we absorbed thousands of missiles from the place we handed over to the Arabs – understands today that it was a mistake. I will accept the apology for that, too.”


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