Watch: Mike Huckabee Dances with Israeli Singer Onstage

Former Arkansas governor and likely presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visited the Binyamin Regional Council on Wednesday, where he toured several local businesses and visited different communities. 

Huckabee visited the Psagot winery, and the members of the Regional Council organized an event in his honor; he was received warmly.

Among the participants were MK Yariv Levin (Likud), the Deputy Chief of the Regional Council, Yisrael Ganz, and the Rabbi of Ofra, Rabbi Avraham Geiser.

Singer Yonatan Razel also came to sing at the event, and Huckabee himself danced with him onstage as he played "Hava Negila." 

Huckabee has been an adamant supporter of Israel, and particularly for its sovereignty over Judea-Samaria. 


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