Watch: Muslim Visitor Supports Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

One Muslim visitor to the Temple Mount has expressed a note of hope and solidarity on Sunday, expressing support for Jewish prayer at Judaism's holiest site amid a flurry of clashes between rioters and police on the date commemorating the Temples' destruction. 

Temple Mount rights activist Yehuda Glick posted the interview to his Facebook feed Sunday afternoon, hours after passionately speaking outside the Mount about the need for Jews to reclaim their right to prayer. 

"We have to cry not only over the First and Second Temple, but also over the Third Temple, which we don't yet have," Glick stated Sunday morning. 

Sunday marks the destruction of the First and Second holy temples, both of which stood on the Temple Mount and were destroyed by the Babylonians and the Romans, respectively. 

Sunday has also seen an eruption of anti-Jewish activity on the Mount, with Muslim rioters attacking the Israel Police at the site Sunday morning. The attacks follow calls from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for the Muslim world to prevent allowing Jewish visitors "by all means." 


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