Watch: Netanyahu Tells Washington ‘No to Iran Nuclear Umbrella’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday sent a video message to the influential Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) congratulating them on their 30 year anniversary, and taking the opportunity to warn against the Iran nuclear deal being formed ahead of a June 30 deadline.

His message to the Washington DC-based think tank, which is tasked with formulating American policy in the Middle East and runs under director Robert Satloff, was timed after the 30th anniversary symposium of WINEP which took place last Wednesday to Friday.

"Over the last 30 years the Institute has provided decision makers with scholarly analysis of the Middle East, analysis that is designed to promote realistic policy when it comes to addressing the many challenges facing our region, and of these none is more important than the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program," opened the prime minister.

Outlining his concerns regarding the Islamic republic, he continued, "the Iranian regime proudly proclaims its hatred for the United States and Israel. It repeatedly threatens to annihilate Israel. This month Iran’s so–called moderate president presided over a military parade punctuated by cries of 'death to Israel,' 'death to America.' Iran is hosting yet another international competition of cartoons denying the Holocaust."

"But Iran doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. It builds up terrorist bases across three of Israel’s borders in Lebanon and Gaza and now on the Syrian Golan. It arms terrorists with thousands of rockets and missiles to be fired at our citizens. Israel simply cannot afford to allow Iran to have the capability to follow through on its genocidal designs."

"The international community cannot let Iran’s aggression in the region – in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen and elsewhere – to continue under the protection of an Iranian nuclear umbrella," he warned. "And the international community cannot afford to let the planet’s foremost sponsor of terrorism have nuclear capabilities with which to terrorize the entire world."

Netanyahu described the efforts to block Iran from nuclear weapons as "the foremost challenge of our generation," warning that the framework deal announced in early April "fails to meet this challenge and if it will be realized it would make the world would a much more dangerous place."

"But it’s not too late. Countries around the world must have the courage and the resolve to hold out for a better deal, one that will actually do the job of blocking Iran’s path to the bomb," he stressed.

The prime minister warned that the framework deal "will endanger Israel – big time. But it’s not just Israel that will be in danger: the Middle East and the entire world will be threatened."

"A better deal is necessary. A better deal is possible. A better deal must and can be achieved. But if not, no deal is better than this bad deal," he concluded.


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