Watch (Or Maybe, Don’t): Muslims Fawn Over Wounded Terrorist

A video shot by a Muslim woman shows the terrorist who stabbed a Border Policeman in Jerusalem Sunday, a short time after he was shot by the policeman.

CAUTION, VIDEO IS RATHER GRAPHIC. It can be viewed by clicking this image:

The man is lying on the sidewalk, gravely injured, and is approached by a Muslim woman who was videotaping the event, and another Arab-speaking man, who kneels at his side and gently touches him. The man asks the terrorist where he is from, and he answers “Sa'ir,” – a town near Hevron. The woman appears to congratulate the terrorist for being a martyr.

It takes a while, but the other soldiers on the scene chase the two Arabs away.

More videos of the event have surfaced. These videos, too, were apparently shot by Arab bystanders:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Sunday with Border Police Commander, Major General Amos Yaakov, and asked to convey wishes of speedy recovery to the Border Policeman who was seriously wounded in the stabbing terror attack, which took place near the Shechem Gate.

"Tell the warrior in the name of all the citizens of Israel that he is a big hero,” said Netanyahu. “He acted with extraordinary heroism and he deserves huעe appreciation. I laud his resoluteness and the resoluteness of all of the members of the security forces who foil the attempts to terrorize us, time and again.”

Hatzalah Union medic Hezi Roth told Arutz Sheva that when emergency services arrived on the scene of the attack at the Shechem Gate, they found a Border Policeman lying on the ground, wounded and bleeding after being stabbed. "We carried out resuscitation to save his life, and later on, an ambulance arrived but as it evacuated him, his condition got worse, because of the nature of the wounds, and became serious."

"The first medic on the scene said that he was able to talk to the Border Policeman, who told him that he managed to cock his weapon and shoot the terrorist who stabbed him," Roth said. "Then he collapsed and required our care."

The terrorist was reported in critical condition.


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