Watch: Police officer keeps Jews from drinking water

The accompanying video was filmed on the Temple Mount Sunday by Tom Nisani, an activist for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount.

In it, Nisani and another activist simply ask to drink water at the water faucets on the Temple Mount but are prevented by a senior police officer from doing so.

Muslims justify their objection to Jews' drinking on the Mount by claiming that they then utter a blessing – and are therefore violating the "status quo" on the Mount, which forbids Jewish prayer.

This incident demonstrates the absurd degree to which Israel has capitulated to demands by the Muslim Waqf to limit Jewish rights on the Mount, which is the most sacred site in Judaism, and the location of the First and Second Jewish Temples.

In January, a 13-year-old boy who recited the Shema prayer was arrested by police, and in late December an activist was arrested for having his hands upraised. A hidden camera expose recently revealed how police discriminate against religious Jews on the Mount.

Police have arrested Jews not only for praying on the Mount but also for observing "Jewish customs," which has even included carrying dried fruit on Tu Bishvat which police declared a "forbidden religious symbol" – Jews waving Israeli flags have also been arrested.

Jews have even been banned from the site for bringing grape juice, and in December 2014 a Jew was arrested for asking police to enforce the law and stop Muslims playing soccer at the site.

In contrast, police have turned a blind eye to the destruction of Jewish archaeological finds by the Waqf as well as illegal Muslim construction, and have responded with relative restraint to repeated violent rioting by Islamist gangs funded by Hamas.


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