Watch: Scared Teen Suicide Bomber Cries On His Way to Death

An Uzbek teen who was in Syria in the service of Islamic terrorists was caught on camera weeping as he rode to his death.

Jafar al-Tayyar was apparently ordered by his superiors in Imam Bukhari Jamaat terror group – an offshoot of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front – to blow himself up. Jafar al-Tayyar, who appears to be in his mid- to late teens, goes off on the mission – but, apparently, with misgivings.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube, al-Tayyar is seen entering an explosive-laden military vehicle, and driving down the road to a village in the area of Palmyra in Syria. A few minutes later, a large explosion is seen in the village. Jihadists then storm the village and take control of it, the video shows.

The video was apparently meant to show off al-Tayyar as an “Islamic hero,” but he instead comes off as a frightened teenager. At the beginning of the video, al-Tayyar is seen hugging his Jihadi brothers, smiling and generally basking in the glory of being among “the chosen.”

He keeps up his positive attitude when he gets into the vehicle – and then, at one point, bursts into tears. Jihadists, seeing him cry, tell him not to fear and to remember that he is working in the service of Allah; al-Tayyar responds that he is just “afraid he will not carry out his mission properly.”

The video then cuts to footage of the vehicle driving down the road, and exploding. The incident reportedly occurred last Friday, as part of a coordinated attack of seven suicide bombings and 200 rocket attacks against targets in the area.

Islamist groups have successfully recruited dozens of teens from around the world – including the US, UK, and Australia – and “handled” them into blowing up targets.

In one recent well-known case, Australian teen Jake Bilardi, an 18-year-old convert to Islam who left to join Islamic State, carried out a suicide attack in Iraq, in a manner similar to al-Tayyar. A video shows a pale, long-haired 18-year-old, also known as Abu Abdullah al-Australi, before he attacks an Iraqi army unit in western Iraq. An ISIS propaganda video showed Bilardi driving the car bomb before detonating it while he was still inside.


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