Watch: ‘Settlers stand with France’

Among the thousands of Israelis who have been taking to the streets in solidarity with France following Friday's horrific attacks in Paris, an unlikely group of teenagers could be seen in Tel Aviv Monday.

A group of activists from the Samaria Residents' Committee – an organization which campaigns for the rights of Jews in Samaria – handed out French flags labeled in French "Settlers stand with France" to motorists and pedestrians alike.

They said that the same hour they heard about the attacks, orders were already dispatched to local manufacturers to produce French flags in an act of genuine solidarity colored with a stark political message.

The activists – some of whom made aliyah from France themselves – said that despite France's role in the European Union's controversial decision to label Jewish-made goods from Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, they felt it was imperative to show their solidarity with the people of France at a period of grief all too familiar to Israelis.

But underneath the message of solidarity emblazoned on the flag is another message of sorts: a label informing that they were produced "Product of Judea and Samaria."

Samaria Residents' Council head Sagi Keizler explained the purpose of the campaign.

"We are expressing our condolences to the French people, but together with this we are warning that the hatred and racism towards the people of Israel in general and the 'settlers' in particular are a mistake and a waste of resources.

"We are the real lovers of peace, and not the extremist Muslims."

He said the decision to produce them specifically "beyond the Green Line" was made "to support the residents who just want to earn a livelihood with dignity."


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