Watch: Special Needs Kids Inspired by Visit to the Holy Land

This past week, Chai Lifeline's Wish at the Wall fulfilled a wish for Jewish teens with complex chronic illness, taking them and their parents on a ten-day trip to Israel.

The group was made up of 13 teens, aged 15-19, all of which have special needs, who “conquered the land of Israel,” as Ari Dembitzer of Wish at the Wall put it.

“It’s for them to connect to their roots, to connect to a land that was conquered through a lot of struggle, and they strongly identify with that,” he told Arutz Sheva.

“These are boys and girls who went camel riding even though some of them have zero upper body ability and mobility, they’ve gone on ATVs and jeeps and they’ve gone through Tzfat, which isn’t very handicapped accessible,” continued Dembitzer.

The teens, he said, come out of the trip with the ability to believe in themselves despite their disabilities.

“Even though they have an external inability, internally they’re driving such a super ability, and sometimes that can compensate for an external disability.”


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