Watch: Temple Mount Rioters Wrest Boy from Police

Video shot on the Temple Mount and uploaded by an Islamist page Sunday shows a Muslim mob freeing a boy who had been detained by police.

According to the Joint HQ of the Temple Movements, it is unclear why the Muslims initiated riots on the Mount Sunday morning.

The Jewish umbrella organization says that boys were brought from a school in Issawiya for the purpose of rioting, noting "the boys chased after the Jews, waved Hamas flags, cursed and called out incitement including 'we will redeem Al-Aqsa with blood and fire.'”

The Temple Movements HQ added that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is “tying the hands” of police on the Temple Mount.

"Netanyahu gives many statements about the unity of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty," the group explained, "but in fact, he implements discrimination, with immediate arrests of Jews who pray, and instructions to show maximum restraint and a forgiving attitude toward rioting Muslims from Hamas and the Islamic Movement.”

The Facebook video can be viewed by clicking below:


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