Watch: The ‘hope’ from Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal

On the sidelines of the Conference of European Rabbis Arutz Sheva got to speak with Rabbi Marc Meyer, chairman of the Hendon United Synagogue in London, about Jewish life in Europe.

Regarding anti-Semitism in Europe, Rabbi Meyer – who is originally from a suburb of Paris and now resides in London – said that while the hatred appears to be on the rise, the Labour party's anti-Semitism scandal has "triggered a reaction."

"For the first time people who were responsible for this anti-Semitism have been outed," he said, noting the reaction of the government has been "very positive" in a development that gives "hope."

The Jewish community is able to fight the anti-Semitism by being united and lobbying the government, said Rabbi Meyer.

Speaking about his synagogue, he noted it has 1,250 members and is "vibrant and going to get even more vibrant." While noting his congregants are concerned about the rising tensions in Europe, he emphasized that they continue to lead their lives undeterred.

"It's always a time to make Aliyah," he said, while urging, "don't do it for negative reasons, do it for positive reasons."


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