WATCH THIS: Sprinklers Soak Wedding Participants During Chupah in Jerusalem

Guests celebrating the wedding of the Schiff and Rubin families were surprised when the sprinkler system went off and began spraying them with water from above.

Friends and family who were guests at the wedding, which took place in Jerusalem’s Ramada Hotel, got drenched without warning. One participant explained: “The family and guests were shocked when a stream of water began pouring down on them and filled the floor of the hall. We didn’t know if we should laugh or cry. It was surreal, like something from a play or movie to watch water start sprinkling down on us during the ceremony, and then come down in a powerful stream drenching everyone and covering the floor with water.”

“It is absolutely ridiculous that such a thing occurred during a wedding and in a well known and prestigious hotel wedding hall of all places. This, however, is the sad reality,” said another participant.

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