Watch: Thousands in New York Chant ‘We Stand With Israel’


Even as Israel receives condemnation from the US State Department over its defensive actions in the midst of an Arab terror wave, thousands of people in New York took part in a massive pro-Israel rally Sunday night held in iconic Times Square.

"Am Yisrael chai," shouted the demonstrators, saying a classic phrase meaning "the nation of Israel lives." The chant was joined by another: "we stand with Israel."

The demonstrators bore signs calling to support Israel at a time when Arab terror plagues the Jewish state, and criticizing the near automatic adoption by the international community of the Palestinian Arab position, as seen in a wave of biased reporting.

Times Square was one of many sites throughout the world where rallies were held on Sunday supporting Israel. Jewish communities and Israeli embassies took advantage of Sunday being part of the weekend outside of Israel to make the message heard precisely on that day.

Rome and Madrid also witnessed similar rallies, where senior members of the ruling political parties joined in the call of support for the Jewish state.



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