Watch – Trump mocks Obama: ‘He’s like a baby’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump mocked President Barack Obama after the latter expressed that Iranian leaders undermined the “spirit” of last year’s nuclear agreement.

“I hear Obama is very unhappy with Iran because he feels they haven’t lived up to the ‘spirit’ of the agreement. What the hell did he think was going to happen? He is like a baby,” Trump said Saturday during a campaign rally in Wisconsin.

“They defaulted on day one. How we have this man as a president is so embarrassing. Anybody in their right mind would have known what he is getting into,” said Trump referring to Obama’s comments at the conclusion of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

According to Obama, Iran so far has followed the letter of the agreement, but “When they launch ballistic missiles with slogans calling for the destruction of Israel, that makes businesses nervous.

“Iran has to understand what every country in the world understands, which is businesses want to go where they feel safe, where they don’t see massive controversy, where they can be confident that transactions are going to operate normally,” said Obama.

However, Trump claims that Iran violated the nuclear deal and disrespected the United states since they launched several ballistic missile tests in past months. “The agreement is two seconds old. The ink hasn’t even dried."


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