Watch: UK Labor Head Fails to Say ‘Israel’ at Pro-Israel Event

Britain's controversial new Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled at an event by his party's "Friends of Israel" caucus Tuesday – after failing to mention Israel once in his entire speech.

The Leader of the Opposition – whose links with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and other anti-Semitic Muslim extremists has made many British Jews nervous – spoke at the Labour Friends of Israel event, but made little effort to actually reach out to those supporters of the Jewish state who still remain in his left-wing party.

In a rambling, uninspiring speech Corbyn mentioned the "siege of Gaza" and even Syrian refugees, but didn't say the word "Israel."

That was too much for one audience member, who stood up at the end of the speech and repeatedly demanded Corbyn "say the word Israel!"

Reacting to the speech, the UK Zionist Federation said Corbyn had proven his claims to want dialogue with "all sides" were blatantly false.

"Jeremy Corbyn’s welcome decision to appear at  LFI’s fringe event gave him the perfect opportunity to start re-building a relationship that has come under immense strain in the last few  months," ZF Director Arieh Miller said. "That he could go through the entire talk without even mentioning the word ‘Israel’ gives some indication of his apparent lack of interest in genuine engagement with both sides of the debate.

"It seems we now have a Labour leader who appears more comfortable meeting Hamas and Hezbollah than Israel-supporting party members."


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