Watch: Uplifting Jewish rock to ‘Change the World’

Kavana, a Jewish alternative rock band from Chicago, has just released its first music video ahead of an imminent debut album, and based on the taste of the album the song provides listeners can rest assured they are in for a treat.

Dov Gurewicz, the frontman and songwriter of the band, was in the top 16 charts of the "A Jewish Star" singing competition several years ago, and for the last five years he has been touring around the US and playing music.

The band's debut album is currently in recording, and before it drops Kavana has released a music video of its song "Change the World," which features a fresh sound that younger listeners can relate to coupled with a positive message.

Gurewicz told Arutz Sheva that the moving new song "is about knowing what our mission is from Hashem in this world."

"Our goal as a band is to inspire people from all walks of life to get in touch with their inner essence, the neshama (soul), and rekindle the spirit," he added.


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