Watch: Waqf Guard Arrested for Attacking Police on Temple Mount

A guard with the Jordanian Waqf that enjoys de facto control over the Temple Mount attacked Border Police officers on the Mount Monday morning, and was promptly arrested. Video from the incident can be viewed by clicking the image below.

The Waqf member clashed with security forces after Arab youths tried to enter the Mount through the Lions Gate on the eastern side of the Mount.

In response to the Waqf member's attack on the forces, they responded by spraying him with pepper spray and arresting him.

Entry to the Mount continued according to routine despite the incident.

The turn of events may come as a welcome surprise for some, given that police have often submitted to the Waqf's discriminatory attempts to limit Jewish entry and ban Jewish prayer.

In one case last Tuesday a French tourist was attacked at the Mount by Muslims for carrying an Israeli flag, to which the police responded by arresting the tourist, claiming his actions were in violation of local protocol.

Likewise a Jew was arrested last December for asking that police enforce the law and stop a Muslim soccer game at the holy site. Police previously had promised to enforce the law passed by the High Court years ago banning the soccer games on the Mount.

Jewish activist and attorney Baruch Ben-Yosef last week launched a 1 billion shekel class-action lawsuit against Jordan, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the radical Islamist Movement in Israel for their discrimination against Jews on the Mount.


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