Watch: Worshippers Flee as Suicide Bomb Hits Saudi Shia Mosque

A congregant at a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia captured on film the moment a suicide bomber blew himself up outside, killing three people.

The worshiper had been filming a sermon last Friday by the imam of the Imam Hussain mosque in the Al Anood district of the city of Dammam – one of the city's largest Shia mosques.

According to Gulf News, the imam was in the middle of condemning a deadly attack the previous Friday which killed 22 people during Friday prayers in the eastern Saudi city of Qatif, when the bomb went off.

"During his Friday sermon the imam was questioning how a person can blow himself up at a mosque full of worshippers when we heard a loud scream from one of the doors of the mosque," one worshiper, identified only as Maitham, told Gulf News. "Five seconds after the door opened, we heard a loud explosion and smoke started entering the mosque."

Authorities say the bomber was dressed as a woman, and drew suspicion after driving rapidly towards the men's entrance of the mosque.

An interior ministry spokesperson told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA): "Security policemen had suspicions when they saw a car heading towards the car park near the mosque,"

"When the security men went towards the driver, the car exploded killing four people, including the driver. Several cars were damaged in the explosion."

The previous attack was later claimed by ISIS, but there has yet to be any official claim of responsibility for last week's attack.

Saudi Arabia is majority Sunni Muslim, and its Shia minority regularly complains of discrimination. ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Sunni Islamist groups view Shia Muslims as heretics, but the gulf kingdom had largely avoided the kind of sectarian violence seen in neighboring countries until the recent attacks.


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