‘We Do Not Think the Iranian Government Wants Peace’

While US Secretary of State John Kerry intimated last week that the US would defend Iran against an Israeli air strike, Washington is still committed to protecting Israel, a senior official said Monday night. 

"If Israel were attacked, the US would protect it," the official stated, on condition of anonymity, to Maariv. "This is the meaning of the word 'ally." 

Despite Washington's seeming ignorance regarding Iran's continued incitement against Israel and the US, the official reassured the Israeli public that the US is aware of the situation – and ready to defend the Jewish state. 

"We are appalled that Iran called for the destruction of Israel after the signing of the agreement and we will do everything to defend Israel," the official said. 

The official continued to defend the deal, however. 

"The agreement reduces the need for a military attack," he insisted.

About a hypothetical scenario in which Israel attacks Iran, the official said that it would respond to hypothetical scenarios, "but it all depends on the circumstances." 

Meanwhile, the official echoed previous statements the US has made about being "realistic" about Iran's ability to stop supporting terror.

"We do not expect Iran to change its behavior, but try to focus on solving the Iranian nuclear problem and make them transparent to the world," he said. "We do not think the Iranian government wants peace, we do not live with illusions that we will change their behavior."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198989

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