‘We knew you were a hero’

Amir Mimuni, the 28-year-old Shin Bet agent killed along the border with Gaza Wednesday morning, was laid to rest yesterday in Moshav Nogah.

Mimuni, a resident of Zohar in the Negev, was shot and killed during a friendly fire incident along the Gaza border.

The Shin Bet has launched a probe to investigate the incident.

Initial reports revealed that as Mimuni’s unit was operating near Gaza, a fellow Shin Bet agent spotted Mimuni, and believing he was a terrorist, opened fire.

Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen revealed the details of incident during Mimuni’s funeral on Wednesday.

The bereaved father, Efraim Mimuni, eulogized his son, calling him “an angel in human form”.

“He loved the state and the army, and he succeeded in everything he did.”

As a Shin Bet agent, Mimuni was trusted with sensitive operational information, giving his family little knowledge of the precise nature of his service.

“I would drive him nuts asking him to tell me things [about his work], but he wouldn’t tell me anything. Now I just want to hug and kiss him.”

“I want to tell him that even though we don’t know what he did, we know you were a hero.”


Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209215

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