Weather Forecast: Heavy Dust Storms Around the Country

The weather is Israel today (Tuesday) is warm and notably hazy. Dust storms are reported around the country, creating higher than normal levels of air pollution.

Temperatures will be slightly higher than normal, with chances of local showers in the Galilee and the Golan Heights. The heatwave is expected to continue tomorrow and Thursday, before a light drop in temperature on Friday.

There will be southwesterly winds along the coast, reaching up to 30 kilometers per hour. Waves are expected to reach up to 110 centimeters high.

The "Meteo-Tech" company says that the expected temperatures for today and tonight around the country are (in Celsius):

  • Jerusalem 24-34
  • Tel Aviv 26-33
  • Haifa 27-33
  • Arad 21-36
  • Ashkelon 27-32
  • Be'er Sheva 25-36
  • Eilat 29-42
  • Ein Gedi 32-41
  • Katzrin 27-38
  • Kiryat Shemona 26-40
  • Mitzpe Ramon 22-35
  • Nazareth 25-37
  • Tiberias 27-42
  • Tzfat 25-37


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