What Does Google Think of the Jews?

Google is scrambling to fix its search engine Friday, after users noticed a bug that reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes. 

Until recently, typing in the question 'Who runs Hollywood?' brought up the answer 'the Jews' – reinforcing the false claim that Jews run the media. 

Google's text prediction would also predict the answer to that question, completing the keywords 'hollywood [sic] is run by' with 'the Jewish' [sic]. 

Arutz Sheva entered other possibilities, and the results are equally anti-Semitic. 

Test 1: What does Google think about 'Are Jews…?' Screenshot
Test 2: somewhat better – but catch that last one Screenshot
Test 3: 'The Jews…' Screenshot

"This has been flagged to us, we are working to get it removed as quickly as possible," a Google spokesman told the Daily Mail

Meanwhile, the screenshots have gone viral on social media. While some of the errors have so far been removed, others – such as the above – have not. 

(Arutz Sheva’s North American desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, however, is Israeli time.)

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200324

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