What makes a hotel great?

 What does it mean to be a good hotel? What makes a hotel great?

For the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, ensconced between the Old City walls and swanky shops along Mamilla Avenue, the answer lies in the fact that they know you know you’re not at home. They know that many of their guests plan to drop off their bags and head to the Israel Museum or a boardroom or government office or the Dead Sea for a day, and rather than simply provide a blank-slate oasis homeaway- from-home, a comfortable place to leave your body when you’re not using it, Mamilla conspicuously integrates its city and its city’s history.

The lobby, for example, features an interior stone façade and skylight that give you a sense of standing outdoors in Jerusalem, despite the (crucial mid-August) air conditioning and nearby concierge and front desk.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/What-makes-a-hotel-great-415696

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