What Will IDF Soldiers be Eating on Rosh Hashana?

The Israel Defense Forces will in the coming days complete preparations for Rosh Hashana meals at military bases across the country. 

A significant amount of IDF soldiers and commanders will remain stationed at their bases and outposts for the holiday and will be celebrating the New Year there. 

The IDF Food Center has attempted to provide bases, training camps and outposts with a rich holiday menu including meats, vegetables, fruits, drinks and of course sweet desserts. 

Over 76 tons of meat and fish have been delivered as well as 22 tons of turkey and chicken breast, 20 tons of fresh chicken parts, 11 tons of roast beef and goulash, 110 tons of schnitzel and 12 tons of grilled meats. 

The IDF's vegetarians and vegans will also be provided for with 2.5 tons of food, including veggie schnitzel, corn schnitzel, vegetarian meatballs and a variety of vegetables. 

To greet the new year, soldiers will be provided with two tons of honey into which they can dip some 14 tons of apples. In addition, holiday tables will include close to 32 tons of holiday fruits and vegetables, 1.5 tons of bourekas and seven tons of pomegranates. 

Eight tons of rich honey cake will be provided for a dessert. 

Soldiers will also be able to toast the new year with 7,500 bottles of grape juice and 9,200 bottle of soft drinks. 

"The IDF wishes all soldiers, officers, members of the reserve, their families and the entire Jewish people in Israel and abroad – a happy near year," the IDF spokesman said.  

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200407

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