Why Bibi’s still the bomb, even though he’s bombing

The leading countries of the world, led by the US, reached a deal with Iran last week that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning against since his speech to Congress – not just the one on March 3 but also the one he delivered this month 19 years ago.

Despite all of Netanyahu’s efforts to persuade the world against approving a deal that, polls show, a majority of Americans believe is bad, the vote in the United Nations Security Council Monday was unanimous, 15-0. In the UN building that Netanyahu has said is filled with darkness, a flicker of light could not even be found to abstain.

US President Barack Obama, top officials in his administration and other world leaders have taken turns mocking Netanyahu since signing the deal. Senior European officials are lining up to go to Iran, with the German vice chancellor starting this week and the French and European Union foreign ministers set to follow next week.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/International/Why-Bibis-still-the-bomb-even-though-hes-bombing-410031

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