Will demoting army’s top legal officer hurt Israel’s position at ICC?

Most Israelis did not notice when the army decided to have incoming Military Advocate-General Sharon Afek remain a brigadier-general rather be promoted to major-general, as part of a wider policy of rank reductions to reduce spending.

Has the IDF shot itself in the foot in its battle for legitimacy before the International Criminal Court as it and the Palestinians proceed toward a legal showdown over alleged IDF war crimes during the 2014 Gaza war? The question can only be answered by answering another: Is a rank just a rank? In other workplaces, the answer is arguably “yes.” In armies, however, ranks are extremely important – as was argued last week by two former heads of the military’s international law division.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Will-demoting-armys-top-legal-officer-hurt-Israels-position-at-ICC-415213

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