Wine Talk: A soul and a sense of place

Wander around the beautiful vineyards of the country, and you will hear someone say proudly, “Now, this is the Tuscany of Israel.” They may be referring to the verdant mountains and running streams of the Upper Galilee or the terraced vineyards fitting the contoured valleys of the Jerusalem Hills. It could be the sparser, more biblical- looking vineyards of the Central mountains or the miracle of green vineyards sprouting in the desert. All beautiful in different ways, but the comparison is always with Tuscany.

The reason is that the famous region in central Italy has become the overriding symbol of all that is beautiful in a winegrowing area and the ultimate in wine tourism.

Tuscany’s charms are well known, and its reputation is totally justified. There you will see vineyards, olive groves and handsome lines of tall cypress trees intermingling in the Tuscan landscape.


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