With the higher standard of living, Israelis have to choose if they want junk food and immobility or a nutritious diet and regular exercise

Stroll down the aisles of a typical Israeli supermarket, and what do you see? Refrigerated salad greens; olive oil; a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables; whole-grain breads, pasta and granola; stevia and zero-fat yogurts; bags of quinoa, seeds, nuts and dried beans; pond fish on chunks of ice; lean chicken and meat; and bottled water with whiffs of fruit.

But take another look: There are also endless shelves of cola drinks and blue-or-green-colored soft drinks; smoked meats, hot dogs and pastrami; potato chips and a large variety of other salty and oily snacks; frozen burekas and puff pastries; high-fat white and yellow cheeses; artificially colored candies and cakes and cookies full of trans fats, many of them on displays near the checkout counter; white bread and rolls; and frozen pizzas with synthetic cheese.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/With-the-higher-standard-of-living-Israelis-have-to-choose-if-they-want-junk-food-and-immobility-or-a-nutritious-diet-and-regular-exercise-460597

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