Women combining the army with Torah study

MK Manuel Trajtenberg (Zionist Union) visited Midreshet Lindenbaum today (Wednesday), in order to speak about religious women in the IDF.

MK Trajtenberg met with Rabbi Ohad Tehar-Lev, the head of the seminary, and Yinon Ahiman, the CEO of the Ohr Torah Stone institutes. The three talked about all of the programs that make up the Ohr Torah movement, and the students' interest in economic and social issues.

Afterwards, Trajtenberg spoke with a number of the students, particularly focusing on how woman are able to combine Torah study with serving in the IDF.

He stated that "The desire of girls from the national religious sector to deepen their study of Torah fits well with their desire to have a meaningful service in the best IDF units, and this is a special phenomenon that brings with it good news for women in the Israeli society."

According to Trajtenberg, "The way to an equal society between men and women also goes through the world of content – particularly the world of Jewish content. The young people who learn in seminaries are the pathfinders leading the way. Formulating a Jewish identity that is based on, and created from, the Jewish tradition is a meaningful mission for Zionism in the 21st century, and for the State of Israel in order to mold the concept of being Jewish and democratic."

Rabbi Ohad Tehar-Lev, the head of the seminary's Israeli program, said that the visit was important to both sides. "I personally got to know a very ethical, visionary, smart, and wise man with a wide perspective, who understands the deep meaning of Torah study as a whole and Torah study for women in particular. I think that he was also enchanted by the girls and by their Torah study and the paths they are taking. We met a very special person here, and I wish all leaders could be like him."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/208203

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