Ya’alon Warns: Israel Has ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Terror

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon addressed the IDF's clashes with Hezbollah on Wednesday night. 

Ya'alon began by giving condolences to the Kalangal and Nini families, who each lost sons in the attack.

He then addressed the security situation. 

"Iran and Hezbollah are trying, and will continue to try, to harm Israel in any way, from the Golan Heights and certainly from Lebanon, through uninhibited terrorist networks who plan to act against military and civilian targets," Ya'alon said.

"Only a few days ago we hit a senior official of a terrorist organization like this, whose purpose was to make in the coming weeks, and In the future, serious attacks against Israel through the Golan Heights and surrounding area," he added, referencing last week's IAF airstrike in Syria, which killed key Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh. 

Ya'alon stressed, "We will continue to pursue, anytime and anywhere, the terrorists and their dispatchers, and levy our hand against all those who wish to disrupt the lives of Israeli citizens."

"The State of Israel has zero tolerance for terrorist organizations, and we will act forcefully and decisively against anyone that challenges its and try to harm its citizens," he threatened. "We will not allow terrorist groups and rogue states to harm or attempt to harm the security of Israeli citizens."

He, like IDF spokesperson Moti Almoz, called on residents of the north to continue following their daily routines.

"I urge residents of the north to continue their routine and be attentive to the instructions of the IDF, should there be any," Ya'alon concluded. "We continue to work with determination, responsibility and discretion to maintain security of Israeli citizens. "

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/190640

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