Yehuda Glick returns to Temple Mount after assassination attempt

Yehuda Glick, the head of the Temple Mount Faithful group, went up to the Temple Mount this morning (Tuesday).

This is his first visit to the site since a member of Islamic Jihad tried to assassinate him in October 2014.

Last week, a court acquitted Glick of assault and removed his ban from the Temple Mount. Prosecutors claimed that he had pushed a Muslim woman while at the Temple Mount, breaking her hand. The case fell apart when it was found that the woman had made up her testimony.

Glick shared pictures of the event on Facebook, with the caption "A year and four months ago, only days after an assassination attempt on my life and while I was still in critical and life-threatening condition, Yafi [Yehuda's wife] gave an interview and said (which became the magazine headline) "We will still go up to the Temple Mount together." Today we achieved it with a heart full of thanks."

לפני שנה וארבעה חודשים ימים ספורים אחרי ניסיון ההתנקשות בחיי בעודי במצב קריטי בסכנת חיים יפי התראיינה ואמרה (מה שהפך לכותרת המגזין) “עוד נעלה יחד להר הבית“ היום הגשמנו בלב מלא תודות

Posted by Yehudah Glick on Monday, February 29, 2016


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