Zionism means not being spectators to decisions that can seal our fate, Netanyahu says

The meaning of Zionism is “not being spectators to the decisions that determine our fate,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Monday, defending his decision to address Congress in the face of presidential objections.

Speaking before a gathering of American Jewish leaders in Jerusalem, Netanyahu laid out his rationale for opposing the Obama administration, saying that no responsible Israeli leader could give up the opportunity to inveigh against what he called a “very bad deal” with Iran.

“The survival of Israel is not a partisan issue,” he said, pushing back at critics who have accused him polarizing the American electorate when it comes to the Jewish state.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Zionism-means-not-being-spectators-to-decisions-that-can-seal-our-fate-Netanyahu-says-391252

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