Zubari tumbles down the standings, Geller surges up to fourth

Shahar Zubari’s hopes of claiming a medal at the 2016 RS:X windsurfing World Championships in Eilat suffered a blow on Tuesday after he dropped to 22nd place overall following a disappointing day of racing.

Zubari got the championships off to a perfect start on Monday, winning the opening race in Israel’s southernmost city. However, after ending Tuesday’s first two races in 12th and 4th place, he was disqualified from the third race, being penalized for a fault start. As a result, Zubari picked up another 42 negative points, taking his total to 59 and tumbling him down the standings.

Despite the painful setback, Zubari will not lose hope as he will be able to shed the 42 points when each windsurfer drops his worst result following five races.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Sports/Zubari-tumbles-down-the-standings-Geller-surges-up-to-fourth-445900

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